G. Garvin

G. Garvin

Acclaimed chef, cookbook author and host Gerry "G." Garvin travels throughout the country to savor the varied and delicious tastes of the South. Read Full Bio

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G. Garvin heads to Louisville, Ky., and visits 610 Magnolia, where the chef is bringing his diverse roots to the south with his slow-cooked Black Bean Oxtail and Lima Beans. G.'s next stop is Hammerheads to visit two young chefs who are mak...more

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G. Garvin hits Miami, Fla., and heads to Crackers where he cooks up tender Maple Glazed Pork Chop with a side of buttery Sweet Potato Mash. The next stop is at Swine for a taste of their famous dish, the hoppin' jack rabbit, and a lesson in...more


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