How to Buy and Store Tomatoes

Take advantage of tomato season by purchasing locally grown, vine-ripened varieties. Learn how to select the best ones.

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    Although tomatoes are available year round, their true season is from July to October. During this time, you are likely to find locally grown tomatoes that spend more time vine-ripening, creating a far superior quality than your average artificially ripened supermarket version.

    Buying Tomatoes

    When selecting a tomato, it should be heavy for its size, free of any bruises or blemishes and have a strong tomato-y aroma. Color is not necessarily an indicator of quality, although avoid those which are supposed to be red but have a significant amount of green.

    Storing Tomatoes

    Tomatoes continue to ripen after they are picked from the vine. Unless they have achieved peak ripeness, they should be stored at room temperature and never refrigerated. Refrigeration causes tomatoes to become soft and mealy and can prevent the development of their full flavor and color.