How to Peel & Devein Shrimp

It's easier than you think to peel and devein shrimp at home.

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    Peeling and deveining is an important step when preparing shrimp. Although they can be purchased with this already done for you, it is much more cost effective to do it yourself and it's easier than you might think.

  • Peeling & Deveining Shrimp

    How to Peel Shrimp

    If the heads are still attached, twist them off. Then pull off the legs. Break open the shell along the underbelly of the shrimp by pressing down with both of your thumbs. Gently pull the shell away from the shrimp. The tails can be left on if desired.

    How to Devein Shrimp

    To devein the shrimp, run a small paring knife down the back of each shrimp, but don't go too deep. Use the point of the knife to lift out the vein. Hold each shrimp under a gentle trickle of water to help remove the vein.