Best Halloween Recipes

Get in the spooky spirit with Cooking Channel's best Halloween recipes, from fun and frightful savory foods to devilish desserts. Plus, plan a cocktail party with top appetizer recipes, creepy cocktails and eerie decorating ideas.

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    Creepy Cocktail Party

    Adults-Only Halloween Cocktail Party

    Ditch witches, goblins and ghouls for an adults-only cocktail party featuring a voodoo-inspired theme, elegant and moody accents, and crowd-friendly recipes. Get Decorating Ideas + Recipes

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    Fun and Frightful Foods

    Fun and Frightful Halloween Recipes

    Spooky goes both sweet and savory with recipes like prosciutto-wrapped eyeballs, witch cupcakes and more. Top Halloween Recipes

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    Pretty Pumpkin Cake

    Halloween Pumpkin Cake Recipe

    For two times the pumpkin this Halloween, bake a spiced pumpkin cake that's shaped like the iconic fall squash. How-To: Halloween Pumpkin Cake Recipe

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    12 Craziest Food Superstitions

    12 Craziest Food Superstitions

    Let's reflect on some of the creepy food superstitions that have long scared the bejeezus out of humanity. It's not as if any of these are real, right? (Cue eerie music.) Bites Meet Frights

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    Ro's Tasty Treats: Halloween

    Ro's Tasty Treats: Halloween

    YouTube star Rosanna Pansino mixes up batches of spider cookies, cauldron pops and a cake so terrifying, you need to tune in to see. Get The Recipes

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    Favorite Fan Treats

    Your Best Halloween Recipes

    We asked our users to send us the creepiest Halloween concoctions they ever created. Crowd-Sourced Terror Food

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    Trick-or-Treat: Vintage Candies

    Vintage Candy Bars + Treats

    Savor sweets from years past by flipping through pictures of 45 classic candies, from milk chocolate bars to bubble gum. Check Out These Childhood Faves

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    Alie and Georgia's Zombie Gut Punch

    Alie and Georgia's Halloween Cocktail Recipe

    The cocktail mavens' blood-red-orange, cherry and bitters punch will liven up the deadest (or "undeadest") of affairs. Watch Now for the Recipe

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    The Ultimate Halloween Cake

    Spider Cake Recipe

    Itsy-bitsy spiders crawl up this Nutella buttercream cake — perfect for sweetening any Halloween soiree. Step-by-Step Photos | Get the Recipe: Cobweb Cake

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    A Hocus Pocus Halloween

    Hocus Pocus Halloween Party Menu

    Fans of the bewitching movie will cackle for this clever menu, which plays upon the popular characters and scenes. Get the Hocus Pocus Party Menu

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    Extreme Treats

    Halloween Candy Blood

    Candy blood and oodles of worms are appropriately creepy handouts, but a toothbrush? That's just downright scary. The Creepiest Candies | The Worst-Ever Halloween Treats

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    Nadia G's Halloween Bash

    Nadia G.'s Bitchin' Kitchen Halloween Bash

    Nadia G and her crew brew up a bitchin' bash with eerie eats, course-by-course playlists and a few sweet surprises. A Bitchin' Kitchen Halloween Party Menu

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    Ghoulishly Good Party Recipes

    Halloween Party Recipe Videos

    Watch these how-to videos to re-create chilling cocktails, bewitching bites, tempting desserts and more. Something Delicious This Way Comes

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    Here Chocolate Lies

    Mini Mummy Coffin Cakes Recipe

    Enrobe mini coffin cakes in cookie crumbs, chocolate ganache and icing mummies for a bone-chilling dessert. Make These Mini Coffin Cakes

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    Devilish Drinks

    Black Martinis

    Classic cocktails will do, but a colorful themed beverage really gets guests in the Halloween spirit. 15+ Halloween Cocktail Recipes

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    Bobbing for Apple Recipes

    Best Apple Harvest Recipes

    The fall fruit is best when baked into pies and crisps, covered with caramel or even paired with meats. 30 Seasonal Apps, Mains and Desserts

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    Jack-O'-Lantern Cheese Ball

    Scary-Good Jack-O'-Lantern Cheese Ball

    Roll chips, cheese, salsa and jalapenos to form a jacked-up jack-o'-lantern –– without the slimy guts to scoop. Get the Cheese Ball Recipe

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    Witch's Broom Place Card Holders

    Witch's Broom Place Card Holder How-To

    Create these wickedly clever mini brooms for use as place card holders or to give to guests as party favors. Bewitch Your Dinner Guests

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    Spooky Sweets for Trick-or-Treaters

    Spooky Sweets for Trick-or-Treaters

    These bite-size cookies, cakes and sweets are ideal for gifting to the little ghouls and goblins at your door. 17 Homemade Halloween Treats

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    Popcorn Balls, Reinvented

    Salted Caramel Popcorn Ball Recipe

    Rum, bacon and salted caramel add adults-only flavor to this favorite childhood treat. (Or go salty-sweet, booze-free.) Party-Ready Popcorn Balls | Marshmallow + Pretzel Balls

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    Grub-y Gear

    Halloween Costumes for Food Lovers

    Seeking a Halloween disguise that's a little more tasteful? These culinary costumes should get your creative juices flowing. Halloween Costumes for Food Lovers

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    Baked Ghost Bait

    Easy Trick-or-Treat Sweet: Bar Candy

    Dense, chewy and frightfully easy to make, bar cookies (blondies, brownies and more) are perfect for gifting. Bar Cookie Recipes for Halloween

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    Use It Up: Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin Seeds

    Don't let the best part of the pumpkin go to waste. Toss toasted pumpkin seeds with spices for a festive fall snack. Make the Most of Halloween Pumpkins

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    Daring Halloween Decor

    Daring DIY Halloween Decor

    Set the stage for a spooky Halloween gathering with colorful, bone-chilling table settings and themed decorations. Happy Haunting at Home

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    DIY Serving Tray

    DIY Halloween Serving Tray

    Display snacks, sweets and sinister libations on this easy chalkboard tray that you can use year after year. Follow This Step-by-Step Guide

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    Reinvent Your Leftover Candy

    Leftover Candy Recipes

    Put your bounty of candy to good use by spinning it into something even sweeter, like cookies, cakes or even a shake. Best Leftover Candy Recipes

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    Spooky Sip: Orange-Colored Wine

    Spooky Sip

    Get into orange wines –– perfectly hued for Halloween and heavier for easing into winter temperatures. Three Orange Wines to Try | More Halloween on Devour