Best International Recipes Global and Cooking

Take a culinary adventure and celebrate international dishes and recipes from around the world. Cook everything from French classics and Mexican faves to Japanese grilling and Caribbean spice.

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    That’s Amore!

    Italian Recipes and Menus

    Food lovers go crazy for Italian, where simple dishes, high-quality ingredients and lots of passion rule the table. Discover our favorite Italian recipes, from bruschetta and pizza to the freshest pasta and sauces under the Tuscan sun. Our Favorite Italian Recipes

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    Better Than Takeout

    Chinese Recipes and Menus

    From simple stir-fries to handmade dumplings, make delicious Chinese food at home with these recipes and techniques. Chinese Food Made Easy

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    Mad for Mexican

    Mexican Recipes and Menus

    Savor authentic tacos, fajitas and enchiladas, with homemade guac and salsa. Wash it down with a margarita, on the rocks. Amazing Mexican Recipes

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    Curry in a Hurry

    Easy Indian Recipes

    Spice Goddess Bal Arneson demystifies the essential herbs and spices for fresh and flavorful authentic Indian dishes. Incredible Indian Recipes

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    Eating the Emerald Isle

    Irish Recipes and Menus

    Get into the Irish spirit with great Irish-inspired dishes, from soda bread and colcannon to stout-spiked desserts. Outstanding Irish Recipes

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    A Taste of the Middle East

    Middle Eastern Recipes

    Learn how to make creamy hummus, crispy falafel, baklava and more classic dishes. Middle Eastern Fare

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    Ooh La La!

    Laura Calder's Best French Recipes

    Creamy comfort classics and delicate tarts are impressive for entertaining but simple enough for every day. French Food at Home

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    Vibrant Vietnam

    Luke Nguyen's Vietnamese Recipes

    Travel through Vietnam with Luke and uncover savory, spicy street-cart fare and fresh-from-the-sea shellfish dishes. Luke’s Favorite Vietnamese Recipes

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    The Mains in Spain

    Best Spanish Recipes

    Fill your pan with the world’s best paellas, stuffed peppers and tapas recipes perfect for your next dinner party. Spanish Dishes You’ll Love

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    Diets of the Caribbean

    Caribbean Recipes

    Sunny island flavors abound in this unique collection of tapas and snacks, meaty mains and sweets. Crucial Caribbean Cooking

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    It's Greek to Me

    Delicious Greek Recipes

    Make the best kebabs, tzatziki, herbed fishes and puffed pastries in the Mediterranean with these Greek recipes. Greek Gourmet

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    Ethiopian Eats

    Best Ethiopian and West African Recipes

    Heavily spiced and infused with rich flavor, these recipes provide a delicious starting point for experiencing classic West African cuisine at home.  An Authentic Ethiopian Feast

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    Grilling Around the Globe

    Best International Grilling Recipes

    Grill year-round with international flavors and techniques from France, Japan, Mexico and more! Best International Grilling Recipes

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    Soothe the Soul

    Global Comfort Food Recipes

    Cozy up with stews, soups and spiced desserts that hungry bellies crave around the globe. Comfort Food With a Twist