Cocktails & Drinks

Sip on Cooking Channel's best cocktail and mixed drink recipes. Boost your bartending skills with quick tips, then serve up classic cocktails, easy appetizers and spiked punch recipes at your next party. Try Alie and Georgia's extreme signature drinks, our best beer cocktails and more.

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    Classy Ladies, Crazy Concoctions

    Alie and Georgia's Classy Ladies' Cocktails

    Join Classy Ladies Alie & Georgia as they uncover lessons from culinary experts — and apply their learnings to make some truly unique cocktail recipes. Watch Them Mix Up Their Top Cocktails

  2. 2

    Party Drinks and Bites

    Party Drinks and Bites

    Plan your next gathering with our array of spiked drinks, plus the snacks that complement them perfectly. Spiked Sips + Salty Snacks

  3. 3

    Old-School Libations

    Classic Drinks and Cocktails

    Get the drinks and cocktails every bartender should know, from the classic martini to the always appropriate old fashioned. Classic Cocktail Recipes | Classics With a Twist

  4. 4

    Tools of the Trade

    How To Stock a Bar

    Get the lowdown on the tools and ingredients you need to mix up all your favorite drinks. Guide: How to Stock a Bar

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    Drink Like a Star

    All Star Drink and Cocktail Recipes

    Michael Symon and all your favorite Cooking Channel chefs share their top drink and cocktail recipes. All-Star Drinks and Cocktails

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    Sweet Sangrias

    Sweet Sangria Recipes

    Michael Symon and all your favorite Cooking Channel chefs share their top drink and cocktail recipes. 14 Sangria Recipes

  7. 7

    Margarita Madness

    Top Margarita Recipes

    Try everything from the lime- and salt-rimmed classic recipe to tropical fruit varieties, either blended or on the rocks. 28 Great Margarita Recipes

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    How to Make a Signature Cocktail

    Create a Signature Cocktail

    Craft a cocktail that's all your own with Alie and Georgia's expert tips for creating a new and exciting cocktail. Watch: Tips for Making a Cocktail Your Own

  9. 9

    Best Beer Cocktails

    Beer Cocktails and Drinks

    Make micheladas, shandies, black and tans, and more refreshing beer-based cocktails and drinks. Beer Cocktail and Drink Recipes | Watch and Learn

  10. 10

    Spiking the Brunch

    Brunch Drinks and Cocktails

    Sneak some spirit(s) into your weekend morning with sweet fizzy drinks, spicy cocktails, spiked teas and fresh fruit beverages. 27 Hangover-Killing Brunch Cocktails | Watch and Learn

  11. 11

    Party Planning 101

    Party Planning 101

    Find inspiration for your next get-together with easy and awesome tips that'll take the hassle out of hosting. Plan a Party | Host a Beer Tasting

  12. 12

    Martinis: Shaken and Stirred

    Martini Drink and Cocktail Recipes

    Perfect the classic or mix an entirely new tasty martini recipe. 10 Ways to Mix Up Your Martini

  13. 13

    Appetizers for Entertaining

    Small Bites for Entertaining

    Hosting a party? There's an appetizer for that. Small Bites to Please a Crowd

  14. 14

    Wine 101

    Everything you need to know about Wine

    Learn the ins and outs of wine with essential tips for picking and preserving, as well as easy recipes for wine-infused cocktails. Everything You Need to Know | Wine Cocktails

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    Thirsty Thursdays

    Thirsty Thursday Cocktail Recipes

    Every Thursday we start the weekend early by selecting one of our tastiest cocktails for happy hour, Cooking Channel-style. Get the Recipes + Tips to Jump-Start Your Weekend

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    Wild and Wacky Libations

    Alie and Georgia's Craziest Cocktails

    Try your hand at Alie and Georgia's clever and one-of-a-kind cocktails like The Peanut Butter and Jealous. Alie and Georgia's Craziest Cocktails

  17. 17

    Pitcher Perfect

    Cocktails and Drinks for a Crowd

    Get the party started with spiked teas, punches and sangrias made in bulk batches – perfect for ladling out for guests. 18 Drinks for a Crowd

  18. 18

    Minty Mojitos

    Minty Mojito Recipes

    Kick back and relax with sweet, mint-filled mojitos, from the mulled classic to sweet raspberry and blood orange varieties. The Coolest Cocktails Around

  19. 19

    DIY Vodka Bar

    DIY Vodka Bar

    Plan your next party around an array of alcohols and unusual mixers, including spicy pomegranate and lemongrass limeade. Get the Party Started

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    Sinless Sips

    Mocktail Recipes

    Skip the alcohol without sacrificing the flavor with carbonated classics, refreshing fruit drinks and more. Mocktail Recipes