Dinner Party Game Plan + Recipes

Planning a dinner party should be as fun as attending one. Follow this game plan for a seamless menu (we'll leave the guest list up to you). 


While you might have tons of menu ideas you've been wanting to whip up for your friends, kick off dinner party planning by narrowing down your menu to three simple courses: a soup, an all-in-one main dish and a dessert. Since the focus is on the feast, a pared-down beverage selection will work best. Select one red wine and one white wine, or if guests ask what they can bring, suggest a pitcher of cocktails. 

Soup is a great starter because it can be made ahead of time and frozen, or it can be made the day of and simply reheated right before serving. Choose seasonal ingredients and an easy recipe and simmer away. A little garnish goes a long way for color and taste; try a drizzle of yogurt, toasted pumpkin seeds or homemade croutons.

Instead of keeping track of numerous side dishes, choose a satisfying main that fits a whole meal into just one dish.

Hearty baked pastas will allow to you fit lots of layers and flavors into each bite.


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