Chinese Food Recipes & Cooking Ideas

Get to know authentic Chinese cooking – quite different from the greasy takeout food you might be used to – and experience the yin and yang of a well-balanced, good-for-you Chinese recipe, with the help of Ching-He Huang and other Cooking Channel chefs.

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    Ching-He Huang

    Ching-He Huang

    Ching's changing the face of Asian food in America one dish at a time by helping chefs of established restaurants and home cooks alike reinvent authentic Chinese dishes. Watch Ching: Restaurant Redemption |     Easy Chinese

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    Better Than Chinese Takeout

    Yangzhou Fried Rice

    Ditch takeout for the fresher ingredients, healthier preparation and customizable flavors of Chinese food made at home. Our Best Chinese Recipes

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    Top 10 Chinese Ingredients

    Chinese Cooking Ingredients

    Soy sauce is a must (both light and dark), but you’ll need these other sauces and spices to get your wok on, anytime. Stock Your Pantry | Shop the Asian Market With Ching

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    Chinese Chicken, 11 Ways

    Chinese Chicken Recipes

    Affordable and easy to cook, chicken is as popular in Chinese cuisine – from takeout classics to authentic street food – as it is across the globe. General Tso's Chicken + 10 More Chicken Recipes

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    Master the Stir-Fry

    Ching's Stir-Frying Tips

    Ching shows how to create a perfectly balanced stir-fry by mixing yin and yang ingredients, flavors and textures. Make the Perfect Stir-Fry Dish

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    DIY Dumplings

    Chinese Dumplings Recipe and How-To

    Dumplings are super easy to make: Start with store-bought or homemade dough, add fillings, then fry or steam. See the Step-by-Step Demo | Ching's Top Dumpling Tips

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    Oodles of Noodles

    Chinese Noodles Recipes

    From the meins to the funs with lots of soup in between, noodles are a hallmark of Chinese culture. 20+ Chinese Noodle Recipes | Origins of Noodle Types

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    Wok 101

    How to Cook With a Wok

    Find out how to choose the wok that's right for you, then learn how to season it to create optimally flavored dishes. How to Cook With a Wok

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    Regional Chinese Cuisine

    Ching's Regional Chinese Cooking Guide

    Explore the differences in regional Chinese cuisine, from the Peking duck of the North to the congee of the South. Go on a Tasting Tour With Ching

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    Chinese New Year Traditions

    Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

    Find out which gifts and behaviors are considered to be good luck – and those that should be avoided. Gifts for a Lucky New Year

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    The Sweet Side of Sichuan

    Banana Toffee Fritters + Chinese Desserts

    Skip the fortune cookies and serve authentic, fruity desserts like banana-toffee fritters or sweet spring rolls. Chinese Dessert Recipes