Food People Picks: Top 10 Pantry Items

Minimize weeknight, last-minute fuss with a well-stocked pantry. Here's what to have on-hand.


  1. Canned tomatoes – for pasta sauces, queso dip and soups like minestrone

  2. Chicken, beef or vegetable broth – used as a flavoring or soup stock

  3. Dried pasta – keep several styles (penne, fettuccine, spaghetti)

  4. Canned beans – a good supply of beans (black, navy, pinto, kidney, garbanzo) goes a long way

  5. Canned tuna fish – for pastas, sandwiches and the exquisitely simple tuna melt

  6. Dried fruits – this healthy treat is used in desserts, fruit salads and trail mixes

  7. Olives – what can't you do with olives? Keep several varieties for pizza toppings, pasta dishes, tapenades and finger food.

  8. Good-quality breadcrumbs – for breading chicken, mozzarella sticks and adding a little crunch to soups

  9. Tomato sauce/tomato paste – ideal for homemade Ragu sauce and pizzas

  10. Rice – brown, white and wild rice medleys