Thanksgiving Entertaining Ideas

Set the stage for your epic Thanksgiving meal with welcoming appetizers, clever (easier-than-it-looks) decor and some seasonal, buzzworthy cocktails.

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    Kick Off the Feast

    Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

    Whether you're prepping dips for Turkey Day football watchers or serving light bites to arriving guests, don't let them hit the feast table famished. 60 Top Appetizers | Fall-Flavored Dips

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    How to Host Your First Thanksgiving

    How to Host Your First Thanksgiving

    Take a deep breath: Some advance prep and rules to remember on the big day will help you host without a hitch. 8 No-Fail Tips | Countdown Calendar: What to Do When

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    Menus from the Masters

    Kelsey Nixon's Easy Thanksgiving Menu

    Overwhelmed by options? Let one of Cooking Channel's chefs plan your Thanksgiving by following their coordinated menus. Kelsey Nixon | Bobby + Jamie DeenThe Voltaggios

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    The Tools You’ll Need

    Thanksgiving Equipment and Gear

    Stock your kitchen with the necessary gadgets, from your basic measuring tools to roasting, carving and baking essentials. Top Thanksgiving Tools | 10 Gadgets for Easier Prep

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    Dress Your Table

    Traditional Thanksgiving Table Decorations

    Set a stylish scene with harvest wheats and berries, burgundy and silver accents or woodsy greens and whites. Updated Traditional | Sleek + Modern | Rustic + Natural

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    Feed Guests All Weekend Long

    Feed Thanksgiving House Guests

    Don’t forget your hungry, hungry houseguests! Get tips for easy dinners and snacks –– and the day-of breakfast. Easy Breakfasts | Budget-Friendly Food for a Crowd

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    10 Ways to MacGyver Thanksgiving

    10 Ways to MacGyver Thanksgiving

    These clever hacks will save you from mishaps like missing kitchen tools or a lack of fridge space. Try These Genius Hacks

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    Masters of Disguise

    Granola Streusel-Topped Pumpkin Pie

    Our clever granola streusel transforms store-bought pie into a dessert that seems entirely homemade. (They'll never know.) 5 Tricks for Gussying Up Convenience Foods

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    Chic Cheat Sheet

    Easy Thanksgiving Party Ideas

    From low-key table decorations to our simplest, foolproof recipes: Stage this modern, rustic meal. Your Entertaining Toolkit: 5 Ingredients

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    HELP! Hosting Disasters, Averted

    HELP! Hosting Disasters, Averted

    Cracked pie, extra guests, wine-stained tablecloth: simple solutions for every Thanksgiving quandary. Fixes for Top 5 Woes | Clean Broken Glass and Wine Stains

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    Watch: DIY Decor

    Make Your Own Centerpieces

    Need a centerpiece in a pinch? Turn coffee beans, cranberries and candles into an I-can’t-believe-you-made-that stunner. How to Make Your Own Centerpiece

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    Thanksgiving, No Matter What You Eat –– Or Don't

    Stuffed Squash + More Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

    Make sure there's something for everyone by prepping dishes that suit special dietary needs and requests. Gluten-Free Recipes | Vegetarian Mains | Healthy Options

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    Master the Potluck

    Thanksgiving Potluck Recipes

    These 15 easy sides and dessert recipes will wow guests — and are easy to tote along to your potluck Thanksgiving meal. Thanksgiving Potluck Recipes

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    Pretty Pantry Tricks

    Thanksgiving Table Ideas + Tips

    An eye toward repurposing and some creative arrangement make ordinary household items chic. 10 Simple Ways to Dress Up Your Table

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    15 Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

    Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

    Served with apps or alongside the turkey, cocktails filled with seasonal ingredients help guests get in the holiday spirit. Get the Good Libations | Plus: Turkey Wine Pairings

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    Ways to Love Leftovers

    Best Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

    Give guests a reason to dig into leftovers: super soups, layered sandwiches and more creative meals. 26 Leftover Recipes | 8 Creative Takes on Leftovers

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    Ideas Worth Stealing

    Thanksgiving Inspiration Boards

    See what inspires 18 popular food bloggers and stylists when they plan their Thanksgiving menus and decor. See Their Inspiration Boards + Creative Ideas

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    Cold Wine, Stat

    How to Chill Wine

    Chill wine faster than your freezer with these simple steps and have a cold bottle ready before the apps hit the table. Refreshing Cold Wine in 10 Minutes

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    Better To-Go Goodies

    Take-Home Leftover Boxes

    Give guests a way to keep feasting and free up your fridge space with these prettily packaged leftovers. Personalized Boxes | Plus: Layered Leftover Jars

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    The Kids’ Table

    Kids' Thanksgiving Table

    Cute coloring and craft activities (and a throwaway tablecloth!) double as decor for this kids' table. Keep Kids Entertained with These DIY Activities

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    A Welcoming Abode

    Ways to Welcome Thanksgiving Guests

    Make your home warm and welcoming for friends and family — and prepare yourself for the challenges of hosting guests. 11 Ways to Get Ready for Guests

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    The Best Friendsgiving Ever

    Friendsgiving Recipess and Ideas

    Whether you can't get home for mom's down-home cooking this year or you're just greedy for more turkey, celebrate Friendsgiving with a lively potluck. Get Tips and Shortcuts