Thanksgiving on Cooking Channel

Here we break down the feast into this one-stop Thanksgiving cheat sheet: Get first-time hosting tips, the best recipes (turkey, starters, sides and sweets), comprehensive how-tos and clever decorating ideas.

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    Sides: Front and Center

    Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Plus More Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Fill guests' plates with a combo of classic sides — velvety mashed potatoes, ruby-red cranberry sauce and green bean casserole — and unique Cooking Channel-style twists. 150+ Side Dish Recipes

  2. 2

    It's Turkey Time

    Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

    Turn out a perfectly cooked turkey with our top tips (brining and beyond), and amp up flavors with herbs and spices. Turkey How-Tos + 37 Turkey Recipes

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    Dig Into Dessert

    Salted Caramel Apple Pie + More Thanksgiving Desserts

    Save room for our spread of apple, pumpkin and sweet potato pies –– and even more dessert recipes in a bevy of fall flavors. 38 Pie and Tart Recipes

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    Kelsey's Homemade Thanksgiving

    Kelsey Nixon's Thanksgiving

    Kelsey shares her Web-exclusive menu, mix-and-match stuffing recipes and tips for hosting your tastiest Thanksgiving yet. Kelsey Nixon's Easy Menu | 1 Base, 5 Stuffing Recipes

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    Savory Starters

    Deviled Eggs + More Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

    Offer tiny indulgences that hint at the feast to come: spicy deviled eggs, creamy soups, crostini bites and more. 60 Easy Appetizer Recipes

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    Countdown to Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving Countdown Timeline + Shopping List

    Don’t panic: We've got the two-week timeline and shopping list to get you ready for Thanksgiving in stress-free fashion. Get Your Thanksgiving Schedule Here

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    Entertain Like an Expert

    Thanksgiving Table Decorations

    Set the stage for your feast with Cooking Channel's table decorating ideas, and get more hosting tools and tricks. Set Your Thanksgiving Table

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    Thanksgiving in a Crust

    Green Bean Casserole Wellington + More Thanksgiving Side Dish Pies

    Why save those flaky crusts for dessert? We reinvent the 7 most-classic Turkey Day side dishes as savory pies. Green Bean Casserole Wellington + More

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    Thanksgiving on Cooking Channel

    Cooking Channel Thanksgiving Specials

    On Tia Mowry Thanksgiving at Home, Tia opens up her doors for her Friendsgiving celebration, featuring less traditional takes on turkey day favorites. Get Tia's Recipes

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    Ditch the Boxed Stuffing

    Dressing + Stuffing Recipes

    Whether you're stuffing the bird or dressing your buffet, experiment with these different bread bases and mix-ins. 33 Amazing Stuffing + Dressing Recipes

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    Genius Thanksgiving Hacks

    Lattice Apple Sheet Pie for a Crowd

    Face Turkey Day prep with these MacGyver-like tricks, including baking a double-sized pie in a sheet pan. Sheet Pie How-To | 10 Savvy Kitchen Tricks

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    50 Top-Rated Recipes

    Top-Rated Thanksgiving Recipes from Cooking Channel

    Can't narrow down your picks for the feast? Choose from Cooking Channel's most-popular, highest-rated recipes. Cooking Channel's Best Thanksgiving Recipes

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    The Easiest Thanksgiving Recipes

    Vanilla Sweet Potato Puree + More Speedy Sides

    When speed is of the essence, whip up these sides and sweets that cut back on prep time — but not on flavor. 20 Sides Under 30 Minutes | Easy Dessert Recipes

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    Host Your First Thanksgiving

    How to Host Your First Thanksgiving

    Ace your first hosting gig: Plan in advance, keep guests happy and ensure that your food is both fresh and tasty. 8 Tips for First-Timers | Food Safety Rules to Remember

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    Fall Harvest Desserts

    Caramel-Apple Cheesecake + More Apple Dessert Recipes

    Decorate your dessert display with apple cheesecake, crumbles and bread pudding, plus twists on classic pumpkin pie. 32 Amazing Apple Desserts | Pumpkin Dessert Recipes

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    Alton Brown, Turkey Master

    Alton Brown's Tips

    Get Alton’s foolproof turkey tips, from his brining secrets to how to truss the turkey and get an evenly cooked bird. Watch His Good Eats Turkey How-Tos

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    Help! Thanksgiving Disasters, Averted

    Fixes for Thanksgiving Disasters

    Lumpy potatoes? Cracked pie? Undercooked turkey? We've got 10 quick fixes for all your Thanksgiving quandaries. Top 5 Quick Fixes | 5 Ways to Save Your Turkey

  18. 18

    Beat Your Budget

    5 Convenience Food Tricks for Thanksgiving

    Savvy shopping and some clever recipe upgrades turn prepared goods and frugal foods into your glamorous-looking meal. 5 Convenience-Food Upgrades | 21 Budget-Friendly Recipes

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    Make-Ahead Thanksgiving

    Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

    Prep these easy sides and desserts in advance to limit day-of stress (or to tote to a potluck Thanksgiving meal). Make-Ahead Side Dishes | Thanksgiving Potluck Recipes

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    Pick Your Pie

    Nadia G.'s Pie Crust

    Watch 10 Cooking Channel chefs tackle pie crust, from Nadia G's coconut-almond tart shell to a simple phyllo dough. Watch: 10 Chefs, 10 Takes on Pie Crust

  21. 21

    Autumnal Game-Day Dips

    Autumnal Game-Day Dips

    Embrace seasonal ingredients and flavors in your assembly of dips for football fans, like this pumpkin seed salsa. Double Down on These Dips

  22. 22

    Host the Best Friendsgiving Ever

    Host the Perfect Friendsgiving

    With a meal this easy and delicious, the only thing you'll miss about family traditions is crazy drunk aunts' rants. Friendsgiving FTW

  23. 23

    Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

    Thanksgiving Dinner for Two

    Host a small-crowd meal with one-plate portions of turkey breast, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberries. 7 Easy One-Plate Dinner Recipes

  24. 24

    Get in the Spirit(s)

    Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

    Round out your feast with festive cocktails and big-batch drinks that incorporate fresh fall ingredients and Thanksgiving flavors. 15 Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes

  25. 25

    Start with Soup

    Thanksgiving Soup Recipes

    Warm guests up with creamy, spiced soups made out of seasonal squash and fresh fall veggies. Thanksgiving Soup Recipes

  26. 26

    Down-South Decadence

    Southern Thanksgiving Menu

    Host a Southern-style feast with fried turkey, braised greens, cornbread dressing and a streusel-topped sweet potato pie. Nealey Dozier's Southern Thanksgiving Menu

  27. 27

    Stovetop Sides

    Stove Top Sides Recipes

    Prep these pots-and-pans sides while you're finishing up your turkey, and don't worry about the oven shuffle. No-Oven-Required Sides Recipes

  28. 28

    Orange You Glad?

    Roasted Carrot and Sweet Potato Recipes

    Roasted and glazed with sugary syrups, carrots and sweet potatoes become the dessert-like stars of your dinner spread. 29 Sweet Potato Recipes | 25 Ways to Roast Veggies

  29. 29

    Recipes for Leftovers

    Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

    Turkey turns into a savory soup, mashed potatoes fill quesadillas and sweet potatoes become breakfast stars. 29 Great Ways to Revive Leftovers

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    Veggie Delight

    Thanksgiving Vegetarian Recipes

    Offer meat-free mains like a chickpea-squash stew and a Veggieducken roast to satisfy your vegetarian guests. 25 Vegetarian Recipes for Thanksgiving | Squash Suppers