Unique Eats spotlights America's most exciting and revolutionary restaurants. It's the first look and the last word in everything extreme in food today. The locations range from high-end dining rooms to casual neighborhood treasures, and even roving eateries with no permanent addresses. We seek out the most amazing examples of modern dining across America.

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Everyone knows Vegas for its bright lights, humming slot machines, and big shows. But if you play your cards right, you can also eat at some of the most interesting, delicious and unique restaurants. We're going on and off the strip to disc

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Food by Fire

This takes food back to its roots - cooked by open flames but in new and inspiring ways. We discover the most unique dish to come out of the ashes, dive into Dungeness Crab from a coal stoked grill, savor skewers licked by flames, and devo

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Portland Weekend

Spend a food-filled weekend in Portland, Oregon, where up and coming innovators meet local legends. A breakfast of baked eggs and tomato stew; your favorite comfort foods turned into dumplings; duck crepes and black garlic bread pudding, an

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Forget ordinary pasta with red sauce, in this episode we visit restaurants that are turning out pasta dishes like nothing you've tasted before. Like Cacao Tajarin in San Francisco or Plum Gnocchi in Boulder, plus mouth-watering and unique p

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Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive into some of the most unique seafood dishes. A traditional oyster roast and seafood boil prepared right on the water in Charleston, South Carolina. A New York City restaurant that features twenty

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Find out where all the foodies go to fill their bellies with the best dumplings and noodles in Chicago. Take a seat at the bar and be dazzled by Japanese robata-style cooking in New York City's East Village. Sample creative Chinese cookin

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Deli by day, intimate restaurant at night, Torrisi Italian Specialities in New York's Little Italy neighborhood is celebrating Italian-American food but peppered with many modern and delicious twists. Joan's on Third is the go-to gourmet d

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Pull up a barstool at these unique pubs, where the food is delicious and daring. Joe Beef in Montreal for their signature creamy lobster spaghetti, rich Swedish Meatballs and indulgent Foie Gras Double D. Longman & Eagle in Chicago where

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You don't have to go all the way to Europe to have the best bistro fare. In Los Angeles, a hip new restaurant updates French bistro classics. In Boston, seafood is highlighted in the famous Provencal dish bouillabaisse. La Fourchette in

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Small Bites

Why not sample everything on the menu when it comes in the form of small bites. My Ceviche in Miami Beach keeps it light with the freshest local fish and zesty dressings that define the traditionally Latin-American ceviche dishes. Barley

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Old School

Yardbird in Miami gives a taste of the true south with its unique fried chicken and fried green tomatoes. Dinic's in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal has been serving up some of the best old school sandwiches to crowds for decades. In New Yo

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