Unique Eats spotlights America's most exciting and revolutionary restaurants. It's the first look and the last word in everything extreme in food today. The locations range from high-end dining rooms to casual neighborhood treasures, and even roving eateries with no permanent addresses. We seek out the most amazing examples of modern dining across America.

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Portland Weekend

Spend a food-filled weekend in Portland, Oregon, where up and coming innovators meet local legends. A breakfast of baked eggs and tomato stew; your favorite comfort foods turned into dumplings; duck crepes and black garlic bread pudding, an

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Wine Bars

Some of the country's best wine bars are serving innovative small plates to go with your glass or bottle. Simple, rustic Italian dishes shine at Terroir in Tribeca, New York. At the Purple Pig in Chicago, a young chef impresses with his M

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Taste your way through Queens, New York, and experience something culturally diverse and utterly unique. Egyptian clay pot cooking, Mexican delights from scratch, grilled cheese in all of its gooey glory, and Korean dishes where the atmosp

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Between the Bun

Forget the traditional hamburger, these meals between with bun are truly unique. Gourmet hotdogs and sausages made from almost anything you can imagine, sandwiches with the most unusually tasty combinations, biscuits stuffed with ooey goodn

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We discover amazing Mexican food, with a twist. Dive into a Mexican brunch in Boulder, Colorado. Then find out how one chef in New York is really breaking the mold. Feast on small delicacies in Washington D.C., and then head to Cleveland fo

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Bar Food

When you're out having a drink, you gotta have food to soak it up. So why not dig into something beautifully prepared, utterly unique, and yet still sinfully delicious? Taste a devilish concoction called The New Luther, a hearty and addicti

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Eat & Sleep

We travel across the country to visit great getaways where the food is just as worthy of the trip as the lodging itself. From a luxury seaside spa and restaurant, to a romantic getaway nestled in the woods, to a summer camp for grown ups s

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The beloved American comfort food is raised to new culinary heights. At Jane in Montreal, the thick, sweet, chewy pizza crust is a tribute to their city's bagels and they're covered with wild combinations like macaroni and cheese with meatb

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Whether you like it fried, roasted, grilled or smoked, we've got a chicken dish you will want to sink your teeth into. Two different styles of Korean fried chicken are the delicious draw at Crisp in Chicago. Approximately 5000 people come

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