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  1. 1. Pink's Hot Dogs

    See why Pink's Hot Dogs has been a Los Angeles landmark since 1939. Watch Video
  2. 2. Hot Dogs at Biker Jim's

    Biker Jim's serves unique gourmet hot dogs like the Wiener Wellington. Watch Video
  3. 3. Pink's Hot Dogs With Emeril

    Emeril finds out why some people will wait for two hours for a dog in L.A. Watch Video
  4. 4. Gourmet-Style Hot Dogs

    Check out the tasty one-of-a-kind creations at Hank's Haute Dogs on Oahu. Watch Video
  5. 5. Chicago Hot Dog

    The Professor of Hot Dogs shows Jeffrey what goes into a Chicago dog. Watch Video
  6. 6. Mom's Hot Dog and Pea Soup

    Mom's Hot Dog and Pea Soup
    Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse, 2006 35 mins
  7. 7. Italian-Style Potato Salad

    If you love potato salad, try this extra-special recipe from Giada. Watch Video
  8. 8. Kelsey's Mexican Cornbread Bun

    Kelsey adds some delicious Mexican flavor to her cornbread hot dog bun. Watch Video
  9. 9. Comfort Foods

    We take you to some of the most unique eateries in New York City. Watch Video
  10. 10. Franks and Dawgs in Chicago

    Chicago's Franks and Dawgs serves all kinds of hot dogs, even mystery dogs. Watch Video