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  1. 1. Appetizer Recipes for Your Holiday Party

    Appetizer Recipes for Your Holiday Party
    Keep holiday party guests sated (and happy) with tasty appetizer recipes like crostini, tartlets and more small bites. View Photo Gallery
  2. 2. Summer Party Appetizers

    Summer Party Appetizers
    Get your next picnic, potluck or backyard barbecue rolling with tasty small bites, dips and fresh summer starters. View Photo Gallery
  3. 3. New Year's Eve Party Recipes

    New Year's Eve Party Recipes
    Ring in the new year with recipes for party appetizers, tasty cocktails and plenty of bubbly. View Photo Gallery
  4. 4. Hungry Girl's Perfect Party Snacks

    Hungry Girl's Perfect Party Snacks
    Swap out high-calorie party foods at your next get-together with these smarter, slimmed-down versions from Hungry Girl. View Photo Gallery
  5. 5. Perfect Summer Party Dips

    Perfect Summer Party Dips
    Turn fresh summer vegetables into vibrant salsa, guacamole and other dips that are perfect for summer parties. View Photo Gallery
  6. 6. Party of Miniatures

    Sara says her Carnival Squash Soup freezes beautifully. Watch Video
  7. 7. An Anti-Valentine's Day Party

    An Anti-Valentine's Day Party
    Nadia G's girls' night in is the perfect antidote to your hearts, flowers and red-and-white greeting card overdose. View Photo Gallery
  8. 8. How to Host a Dim Sum Party

    How to Host a Dim Sum Party
    Invite guests over to mingle, dine and dive into the preparations with a DIY dumpling and dim sum party. View Photo Gallery
  9. 9. Charlotte's Festive Party Punch

    Charlotte's Festive Party Punch
    Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse, 2005 2 hrs 20 mins
  10. 10. Bal's Garden Party Spareribs

    Bal uses her own garden herbs and veggies to roast with ribs for a picnic. Watch Video