Valentine's Day

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  1. 1. Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes

    Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes
    Stay in to cook a cozy dinner for two (and avoid the restaurant rush) with Valentine's Day recipes that will get you in the lovin' mood View Photo Gallery
  2. 2. Valentine's Day Cake Recipes

    Valentine's Day Cake Recipes
    Want to bake something sweet for your loved one on Valentine's Day? These recipes – from chocolate to berry-filled and covered in dulce View Photo Gallery
  3. 3. An Anti-Valentine's Day Party

    An Anti-Valentine's Day Party
    Nadia G's girls' night in is the perfect antidote to your hearts, flowers and red-and-white greeting card overdose. View Photo Gallery
  4. 4. Chocolate Desserts

    Chocolate Desserts
    Indulge in our decadent chocolate desserts, from cookies and cakes to puddings, souffles and truffles. View Photo Gallery
  5. 5. In-the-Mood Foods

    In-the-Mood Foods
    Looking for some Valentine's Day recipes that will help get you in the loving mood? Give these less-commonly-known aphrodisiacs a whirl View Photo Gallery
  6. 6. Make-Ahead Lasagna

    Make-Ahead Lasagna
    Reprinted with permission from The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copland, Chronicle Books copyright (c) 2012 -
  7. 7. Heart-Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

    Heart-Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes
    Recipe courtesy Zoe Francois 1 hr 20 mins
  8. 8. You and Me Chicken Pot Pies

    You and Me Chicken Pot Pies
    2006, Ellie Krieger All Rights Reserved 1 hr 25 mins
  9. 9. Chocolate-Hazelnut Smooches

    Chocolate-Hazelnut Smooches
    Recipe courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis 52 mins
  10. 10. Alcoholic Hot Chocolate

    Alcoholic Hot Chocolate
    Recipe courtesy of Nigella Lawson(Copyright 2004, Feast, Hyperion, All Rights Reserved) 10 mins